Trade Preparation

How to Make 300 A Day

6 Apr 2016

Association And Collaboration It just takes 300 Rs. a day to make 70K a year! Is it difficult to say that in one line and keep everyone glad? Well to do any straightforward thing over a time of one year needs a predictable exertion and it is a genuine test that is put to your [...]

Bull Call Spread

31 Mar 2016

Bull Call Spread - April 2016 The "Bull Call Spread" is one of the least difficult techniques that a trader can send to shield the capital from being getting disintegrated. It is a defence technique which includes 2 or more alternatives that are all the while opened and held till the expiry of the contract, [...]

A Composed Trader

22 Mar 2016

How to be A Composed Trader ? A trader is one separated from purchasing and offering, need to have a methodical technique for orchestrating his stock, isolating his new stocks with the old ones, quick moving stock in front, his "Money Table", the Invoice Books, the Computer and Printer, the POS Credit Card Machine, all [...]

Pivot Point Trading

21 Mar 2016

Pivot Points Pivots are a helpful tool that a trader needs in his arms stockpile. It is an empowering influence to rapidly figure the noteworthy value development that is prone to happen. The accomplishment of a pivot point framework totally lies on the capacity of the trader to legitimately decipher and utilize it further bolstering [...]

Trade Preparation

20 Mar 2016

The Trading Psyche Each trader, before taking up a Trade will have a target like making a 100 pip increase or 50 pip pick up and will have his Money Management system properly implanted to ensure the Trade Capital. The mind is exceptionally positive and his psyche in slanted forthright to expect some positive results. [...]